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Delphinium and Helleborus Kissi ®

                    When you're looking for something special

When you are looking for an impressive flower, Delphinium is one of the first you will come across.

This variety of flower is characterised by the many flowers on its long stem (up to 1.20 m) and its lively and intense colours. Ideal for special occasions or to give a room more style.

The Delphinium Kissi ® is a flower that keeps well and has a beautiful, intense colour.

This series currently comprises 10 special colours.

The Kissi series can be recognised by the label.

The Delphinium Kissi is available from high-end florists (to order, if necessary).

As the Delphinium is the perfect summer flower, it is available from June to October (early November).

The Helleborus Kissi ® is an extremely beautiful flower in early spring. It is available in April and May. An important quality is the special colour purple, which is nearly black. Provided it is cut when ripe, this Helleborus keeps extremely well.

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